About US

A Plus Academy was founded in Amman, Jordan at the beginning of 2013, and has been employed a small number of staff. The administration of the academy has focused on marketing the academy name in the Jordanian market as one of the trendy academies in the engineering programs in Jordan. A plus was started with three departments: administration, engineering and marketing departments. After a period of time, A Plus have got many trainees from the private and government sector. At the end of the first year, A Plus achieved many goals in terms of profits, number of trainees, and its commitment absolute for trainee satisfied. And to its obligation to the quality of courses provided by academy.

Our main goal since the first day of lunch was to change the idea of training to be more involved with market requirements by designing training programs that makes trainee get a job in short time with high quality and practical exams in the end of any program to be sure of quality and training output. and also to give the trainee more confidence to get best job opportunity.

The academy has increased the provided programs, now A Plus provides programs in the following majors:

  1. Civil Engineering

  2. Architecture Engineering

  3. Mechanical Engineering

  4. Electrical Engineering

  5. Industrial Engineering

  6. Finance and Accounting

  7. Administrative

  8. Occupational safety and health

This increased the number of employees and departments in the academy, which led target Middle East markets too, and had contracted with many companies in construction and engineering consulting fields.