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Course Code: EC-1

Design and Implementation of Electrical

systems for Facilities

The goal of this course is to prepare the trainee for the Jordanian work field by connecting the theoretical knowledge to applications in work market This course covers the main topics needed in the design & install of electrical systems for facilities, making the trainee ready for a job in consulting or contracting fields in Jordan market.

Target group

This course is for fresh graduated electrical engineers & under-graduated electrical engineers (4th& 5thyear students).

  • Introduction: The partners of the project, the coordination between different public sectors, the general requirement for electrical works of the project, the electrical steps and procedures of the project.
  • Getting familiar with parts &equipment’s used in electrical design & contracting for facilities.
  • Electrical calculations (load estimation, power factor, demand factor, diversity factor, and short circuit calculations).
  • Electrical systems plans :

    - Design lighting systems using Dialux software. - Design the power outlet plans.
    - Short circuit calculations using Eco dial software.
    - Fire alarm system and its design.
    - Design low current systems (Audio sys. Security & CCTV sys.).
    - Earthing systems.
    - Prepare the BOQ based on the designs.
  • Software used in electrical systems design (AutoCAD, DiaLUX, Ecodial,Revit MEP).
  • Field training: take the trainees to a construction site to see how electrical systems are installed & getting familiar with the responsibilities of site electrical engineer.

After finishing this course the trainee should understand the principle & Familiar & be capable of designing the following:

  • Lighting systems calculations & prepare the plans.
  • Power system design & distribution panels.
  • Understand the important of a fire alarm system & design a fire alarm system.
  • CCTV & security systems.
  • Audio & public address system.
  • Earthing system & lightening protection.
  • The trainee should use be able to use Dialux, AutoCAD & Ecodial in electrical systems design.
  • The trainee should also be able to read & execute the above plans.

1. Certificate of attendance: the trainer should attend at least 80% of the course.
2. Certificate of Completion : at the end of this course there will be an exam where the trainer has to prepare all the plans for a given project, bill of quantity, pricing, Steps of ratification design and implementation report, its duration and quality. Its certified from the Academy and the Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, Ministry of Labor.
3. Recommendation certificate: based on the trainer deigns in exam he/she will be marked & ranked on the following criteria:
YES ___ NO ___ MARK

  • Lighting system plans.
  • power system plans.
  • fire alarm system plans.
  • low current plans.
  • earth system design.
  • load calculations & load schedules.
  • prepare the BOQ.
  • Electrical bill for the project.
  • Approximated period completing the work.
  • Procedure of execution.
On these criteria observations & recommendations are made.